In and Out at the Beach

The new look of the beaches, like Santa Monica, is creative, diverse, and vibrant. Each of our landscapes will be distinctive while reflecting a growing preference for greater authenticity.

In: Architecture-Enhancing Foliage – Out: Boring Expanses of Lawn

In: Diverse IdealMow Lawn Grasses – Out: Smelly Synthetic Lawns

In: Naturally Vibrant Perennial Beauties – Out: Stuffy Rows of Annuals

In: Lush, Leafy Native Foliage – Out: Heat-Enhancing Gravel and Cacti

In: Materials that Go with the Flow – Out: Stiff, Straight Patios/Drives

In: Taking Curb Appeal to the Curb – Out: Conforming Parkways

In: Enjoying Your Garden! – Out: Perpetual Work in the Garden

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