There are a few predictable impacts of creating a garden authentic to beach communities.  Here is where we intend to make an impact for Santa Monica and in your life.

Protect Our Cool

Choosing a lush, leafy garden with foliage authentic to the beach keeps the area surrounding the Preservation Resource Center cool and protect established trees.  This not only makes for a more enjoyable outdoor space, it can actually cool the center and nearby buildings as well.

Save  Water

Saving the water that is applied to a piece of land is only part of the equation, particularly near the beach.  Opting for plants over pavement allows water to infiltrate the soil and be cleansed on its way to the ocean, protecting ocean life (including surfers!). Of course, we also wanted to be responsible with our applied water needs.  This lush, leafy garden saves anywhere from 70-80 percent of the water used to maintain a more traditional garden.

Reduce Operational Costs

We expect our choices to save on typical operational costs, including:

  1. 100 percent of the annual flower budget
  2. 100 percent of the toxic chemical fertilizer budget
  3. 100 percent of the toxic chemical pesticide budget
  4. 100 percent of soil amendment budget
  5. 81 percent of the time spent on maintenance
  6. 75 percent or more of the funds used for mower petrol
  7. 60-80 percent of the water previously needed
  8. 63 percent of fees associated with garden waste
  9. 15-50 percent of the energy dedicated to climate control

Improve Your Life

Public spaces impact home values, particularly park and school spaces. The garden not only gives you and your family a place to  enjoy, it can:

  • Increase nearby home values
  • Reduce neighborhood heat, attract consumers to business areas, and
  • Appreciate in value as the foliage grows

Provide an Example

While the drought increased California’s focus on saving water, we have needs and goals beyond simple water savings.  We want to protect our area from polluted runoff, fires and slides; cool the air naturally where possible; and maintain the beauty of our community.  We intend this garden to serve as a model for reaching all of those goals with our garden choices.

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