Get the Look

The new lush, leafy, low water look of LA’s beach communities is authentic to Santa Monica. Here is how to get it at home:

Stop Sacrificing
Going low water doesn’t mean looking all dried up. Gravel and cacti are no more natural to Santa Monica than Kentucky Blue Grass! Work with a palette of native plants that genuinely enjoy our distinctive climate for an optimally sustainable garden.

See examples:  LA Coastal Garden Palette 

Throw Off Conformity
Lawns are the school uniforms of landscaping. California native IdealMow® lawn grasses vary in color, length, and texture, allowing greater creativity and diversification.

See examples: IdealMow Lawns and Meadows 

Recruit Top Acts
While there will always be a place at the beach for palms, fig trees, and birds of paradise – it’s time to make room for a few new top acts. Foliage known to absorb and clean runoff, retain soils, and support wildlife will have the greatest impact. Group those with similar water needs for the greatest savings.

See examples: Shotgun Coast Gallery

Hide Your Crazy
Pop-up sprinklers have always been unsightly; now they are just plain rude. Save your neighbors from getting splashed on their walk by delivering water right to the roots of your foliage where it can have the greatest impact.

Lose the Stiff Upper Lip
Plentiful sunshine gives us the freedom to opt for creative, permeable patio, drive and walk materials. Letting water flow through areas often covered in concrete replenishes our groundwater, preserves stormwater infrastructure, and protects ocean (and surfer!) health.

See examples:  Permeable Paving Options (Coming Soon!)

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
Not even ample marine layer can keep exposed soil loose and crack-free.  In lawn-free planning areas, cover soil with a healthy layer of mulch. It is the landscaping equivalent of a great lotion!

Take It to the Street
Dropping your creativity at the sidewalk is a thing of the past.  Take your enthusiasm to the curb!  As the Shotgun House Coastal Garden illustrates, every foot of clean, authentic, planted and permeable space matters this close to the beach.

See examples: LA Parkway Plant Palette, LA Parkway Tree Palette

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